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Abstract (English):
The article substantiates the necessity for discovering and preservation the intangible cultural heritage and the importance of the developing the legal framework in the field of intangible cultural heritage. The author gives recommenda- tion how to increase the flow of tourists through their learning the intangible cultural heritage and involvement in the rituals and festive events, folk arts and crafts. The article analyzes not only a positive effect on the intangible cultural heritage, but also presents the factors of negative impact. The recommendations how to reduce and minimize their impact are given. The analysis of the problems of involving intangible cultural heritage of Belgorod region in tourism is the aim of the study. This revealed development prospects of such types of tourism as ethnographic and event tourism. Based on the existing inventory of intangible cultural heritage of Belgorod region the author assesses the potential for tourism development based on intangible cultural heritage. The most promising areas of Belgorod region, having the greatest potential for development of tourism based on intangible cultural heritage, are selected. The most valuable objects of intangible cultural heritage of Rakityansky and Chernyansky districts with the greatest potential for tourism based on the intangible cultural heritage are described and identified. Analysis of the major problems of involving the intangible cultural heritage of Belgorod region in tourism has been carried out. Statistical methods, theoretical and problem analysis are the main for the study. As the research result, the set of measures to preserve and secure involvement of the intangible cultural heritage in tourism of Belgorod region has been developed.

intangible cultural heritage, Belgorod region, the sphere of tourism, ethnographic tourism, event tourism, inventory of the intangible cultural heritage of Belgorod region.

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